This shoot was taken for clothing company Bon Bon, I assisted Harriet Briant with styling and directing and of course, this vintage Valentino dress had to be chosen! The red lipstick and fur matches the festive season and makes a perfect evening outfit. We decided it would look effective to contrast with my dark toned outfit with my "boyfriend model" Jamie's outfit and pair his smart beige trousers with a patterned tee made up of lilacs and blues. At first the top hat, made me feel a lot like i was the dude from Monopoly, but after a while I started to like it! The shoot consisted of trying to act sophisticated and we ended up just laughing and doing everything but... I decided it'll look good if I threw the hat towards the camera, however it only managed to damage the set and hurt people. Falling in love with this dress had meant I've now booked tickets to go to London this week and visit the Valentino exhibition at Somerset House and am currently in the process of designing a garment inspired by this particular dress! 
Be sure to check out Bon Bon's website here, for amazing vintage clothing and find out when there next pop-up shop is! 


  1. oh, wow, amazing

  2. Beautiful styling, you look beautiful!!!